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Manga With Yandere Male Lead

Crazy girl shin bia yandere. The story is about Mayuri who is at an all-girls school and gets a new roommate called Yukihara Akira.

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Hakushaku is the 5-year-old male tortoiseshell cat in residence at the Fujiwara home.

Manga with yandere male lead. Manga with male yandere villain or lead antagonist. Manga with male yandere recommendations. Just like Rolo he does everything that is in his power to protect his brother.

Be the first to share what you think. Its soon revealed that her roommate is actually a boy who is from a rich family and is. Im not sure if its allowed to ask for recommendations here so if not pls inform me.

He does experience a lot of mood swings which lead him to do some brutal things. Satou Matsuzaka is pretty and charming and has lots of male admirers. Yandere is an extreme kind of love and those who exhibit such character is irreparably messed up.

Abide in the Wind its a webtoon the ML is yandere takes a while to get to that part though Metronome also a webtoon ongoing the ML is a yandere from the get go Aishite Kudasai Sensei good short read with a obsessive possessive yandere. I turned my head in the direction of his call and saw Alastair. The series is pretty violent and has lots of blood gore and nudity.

This includes gouging eyes out and slashing through people. Surely he was with me. Serina It was Alastairs voice.

Manga with male yandere lead protagonist. Top 5 Male yandere manga recommendations. View Entire Discussion.

He is always calm and composed and is shown to be possessing a high amount. I Met The Male Lead in Prison The yandere isSPOILER her brotherChaser. A worthy read even without yandere elements.

Curses Magic European Ambience Nobles Reincarnated in Another World Aristocracy Male Yandere Handsome Male Lead Female Protagonist Obsessive Love No description. I was leaning against the wall. The yandere in this one is pretty light really but it does have moments of it.

Griffith is the leader of the Band of The Falcon a group of mercenary which fights on behalf of the side that pays them. I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead Chapter 321 Alastair After a long time I opened my eyes again. Abide in the wind yandere.

He is a wonderful swordsman and has unparalleled skill. – The webtoon Bastard HWANG Youngchan. Aishite Kudasai sensei yandere.

I read the spoiler Homeroom Both crazy Dekiai Yakuza ni wa Amayakasarenai Yandere yakuza bodyguard Killing My Love The Villain Discovered My Identity Garden of The Death Flowers More to psychopath The Blood of Madam Giselle. If you read novelswatch western movies theres something sismilar to this oneshot called Before I Go To Sleep. The plural of manga is manga.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. – The male lead in Flowers of Evil manhwa also a twincest – The brother in Hadashi de Bara o Fume – The second story in Atashi wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai. Hes the definition of Yandere.

Vincent Nightray is from the anime Pandora Hearts. Take the main character of this manga for example. Watashi no megane-kun yandere.

Manga with male yandere in the main cast. Griffith is one of the main characters of the action anime series Berserk. Heart no kuni no alice yandere.

He has a tough job trying to keep the two daughters Shizuka and Yumeko in line and he often ends up suffering for his. Manga with male yandere and otome game adaptation. The warmth surrounding my body just a while ago disappeared.

The main female lead is kind of a hime-dere so its at least a little break from most of the oblivious cute girls shoujo tend to have. Can anyone pls recommend me mangas with yanderepsycho male leads.

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